Automation & Electrical

RWE is your automation specialists when it comes to pumping systems and irrigation system controls. Our team members are fully licensed and capable of doing all electrical work required for your irrigation project.

Licensed Electrical

RWE are specialists in pump installation, installation of power boards and associated cables and data cabling. Along with pumping systems and irrigation control. Our team is fully licensed and capable of doing all associated electrical works within a project or service, which makes it easier for you, having only one point of communication and a complete overview of the project.

Examples of these associated works can be:

• Switchboard design, supply, installation, and upgrades
• Emergency repairs for electrical faults
• Power extensions to other external areas (for example pump sheds or maintenance sheds)
• Trenching and cable laying
• General electrical
• PLC Integration
• Software programming
• Electrical engineering

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring provides significant benefits for better crop irrigation and nutrition. Monitoring allows you to water crops at optimum times to increase crop growth and improve yields. Plant water demand changes with growth stage, generally increasing from planting until maturity then decreasing through time or harvest. Factors affecting the water demand include crop type, growth rate, canopy area, fruit production or grain fill and senescence.

Determining how water moves through soil and is used by plants following irrigation is difficult. By using soil moisture probes to fine-tune irrigation scheduling, your agronomist can make recommendations to maximise production and water use efficiency.

Irrigation System Control

An irrigation control system allows you to add a metered amount of water at a scheduled time to precisely feed the crop, saving you time and money while giving you peace of mind. Most contemporary control systems also add fertiliser in metered doses at the optimum time in your irrigation cycle. Control systems will allow growers to concentrate on other parts of their business to maximise profits. 

Diesel Pump Control

Reduce fuel costs and prolong your diesel engine life with the Diesel Dog™

Our automation and electrical department can save you money by optimising your diesel pump, automatically adjusting engine speed to maintain a constant pump pressure in a closed pressure system regardless of irrigation system flow requirement. The Diesel Dog™ is also used on lift pump systems to maintain a constant level in a supply channel. Diesel Dog™ will monitor and safeguard against faults such as pump flow and pressure, engine RPM, temperature, oil pressure, coolant level, battery voltage, and alternator voltage. Upon receiving a command to start, the Diesel Dog™ will idle through a ‘warm-up’ period before commencing into ‘line fill’ mode to gently fill and pressurise a piped system then continue on to maintain the pre-programmed set pressure. Before completely shutting down, the Diesel Dog™ will idle the engine for a short cooldown period. Best of all, the Diesel Dog™ can be operated on-farm or via instant remote access to your mobile phone or home computer. Starting, controlling or stopping a diesel pump set has never been easier.

Diesel Dog™ Engine Controller benefits:

• Designed solely for the operation of a pump coupled to a diesel engine.
• Can be used on any make of diesel engine or pump.
• User-friendly with simple operation and programming.
• Save Fuel (up to 15% in some instances).
• Designed to automatically adjust engine speed to maintain constant pump pressure.
• Automatically monitors service intervals and records time to remind of the next service.
• Will completely shut down if service has been too far exceeded.
• Save time by starting, stopping and accessing pump and engine information live via the internet.
• Single screen display showing all significant information.
• Capable of multiple pressure setpoints which can dramatically further improve fuel use efficiency.
• Can be used to also maintain channel level in either a supply system or drainage system.
• Built tough for Australian conditions.

Other Departments 


Our experienced installation team can assist in smart, precise water distribution for any project. With a wide range of earthmoving machinery, we retain direct control over quality and timing during the installation process.
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Engineering & Fabrication

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and fabrication solutions including project management, design, stainless steel fabrication, machine and fitting, general engineering, and poly weld and fabrication.
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Our technicians service and repair all major pump brands, providing a complete irrigation repair and maintenance service for commercial irrigation systems as well as residential garden systems and pool pumps.
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