Design Consultancy

Any irrigation system is a significant investment and, with no two sites the same, customised design plays a pivotal role. In emphasising the design process, and the steps to be taken, RWE can help you define and plan your project.

Our Design Services

We consult on a broad range of systems for domestic and commercial clients including micro-irrigation, large-scale irrigation, and lateral moves. Our clients vary from horticultural and broadacre agriculture businesses, through to sporting ovals and backyard projects.

“Our designers know that the key to great irrigation design comes from an extensive knowledge of water management and an understanding of each site’s unique environment.”

When designing irrigation systems, whether for new or existing structures, we take into account each site’s unique properties including topography, soil type, water resources, water emission rate, crop type, and climatic conditions. We work closely with our customers to design customised turnkey water delivery systems.

Our Irrigation Design Process Covers:

• Site audit and analysis
• Audit of current irrigation and pumping systems
• Site surveying using a global positioning satellite system
• Detailed system design, specification, and plans including risk assessment
• Equipment selection and costing
• Project management and site supervision
• System-specific training
• Ongoing operation maintenance

Stress Analysis

Through the integration of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we can analyse designs before manufacture to ensure everything we make is appropriately designed for the task at hand.

Example – a steel reinforcement plate for the pressure testing of a pipeline. This plate was designed to seal the open end of a pipeline by means of bolting the plate to the open end of a concrete pit.

Modifications to existing designs

We can modify and retrofit your existing systems, allowing you to maintain productivity while keeping your systems up to date with the latest in irrigation technology.

Our Design Services


We design, supply and install efficient irrigation systems to meet all your horticultural infrastructure requirements. With over a decade of knowledge and experience, our customised designs provide you with turnkey solutions and access to a wide range of irrigation products from leading brands and suppliers.

We will advise you on what system best suits your farm requirements, taking into consideration soil, crop type, water quality, and budget. We offer a range of solutions including fixed sprinkler systems or the latest micro irrigation systems of drip and spray.

We will carry out all components of the project, including system design, supply, and installation for all horticultural operations including wine grape vineyards, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Pumping Systems

Whether you require a state of the art fully automated pump station to irrigate your 1000 hectare commercial farm or a lift pump to recycle the tailwater from your cotton/rice crop, the team at RWE can accommodate a design to suit your needs.

Utilising the latest 3D CAD packages, we can take you on a guided tour of your pump station and ensure our design ticks all your boxes.

We deal with a variety of pump and filter manufacturers to ensure we can create the perfect setup while maintaining the efficiency, practicality, and longevity of your irrigation system.


RWE irrigation is your most trusted irrigation company when it comes to the design, supply, and installation of your pipelines.

Whether it be stock and domestic systems, large bore PVC pipelines or polyethylene pipelines up to 1200mm, we have the experience and expertise to deliver piping solutions to exceed expectations.

We have a wide variety of poly butt welding machines capable of welding 50mm up to 1200mm poly pipe with quality assurance data loggers to trace, log and certify correct welding procedures. Combined with our experienced in-house installers, using our own highly maintained machinery you are assured not only a quality finish but a long-lasting trouble-free pipeline.

Stock and Domestic Pipelines
We can modernise the existing open channel water supply to any agricultural and animal husbandry property to provide vital stock and domestic water, as well as provide pumping systems, stock troughs, water tanks, and all associated fittings.


Improving water quality almost always involves some type of filtration process. Water from various sources may be of unsuitable quality for its intended use; whether irrigation, hydroponics, stock, household or other farm activities. Therefore, farming pumps and filters can be used to better manage water supplies, reducing the costs to your business and making better use of a precious resource.

All of our filtration systems are designed for specific water uses such as agriculture industries, aquaculture sector, and household use.

We can help you to identify and correct water quality problems that may affect the use and yields of your water. Knowing your water quality allows you to plan for water treatments to avoid problems such as poor plant growth, blocked irrigation or stock watering pipes, staining and other undesirable effects of poor water quality.

We are proud to Partner with:
Amiad Water Filtration Systems
Netafim Irrigation
Toro Australia
Fresno Filtration Tanks


A correctly designed and installed domestic irrigation system is vital to ensuring your garden thrives and is the key to creating an inviting space for you and your family to relax and enjoy.

At RWE our expert team can design and install a system that suits your landscape, environment, and budget. We carefully consider all the elements including water source, flow, and pressure. We also supply automatic or adaptive real-time control of your irrigation system, providing a higher level of irrigation performance.

To ensure a first-class system we stock leading brands of sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, pumps and piping, monitoring, and sensor equipment.

We can help you with the following:
• Greywater, groundwater or rainwater harvesting
• Design and installation of customised irrigation systems
• Automatic irrigation controllers
• System auditing
• Irrigation pumps and filters
• Home irrigation supplies
• Sub-surface irrigation
• Service and maintenance


Automation complements the fine level of control possible with modern irrigation systems by saving you time and energy as well as helping you to achieve maximum productivity from the water you apply. Combined with monitoring, irrigation automation contributes to the profitability and sustainability of any farming operation.

We offer a full range of advanced automation including full control of your system via various platforms such as radio, phone, and/or web. Our expert team can supply you with the following systems to suit your individual needs:
• Soil moisture monitoring probes
• Diesel Dog motor controller
• Full farm monitoring – irrigation scheduling
• Stock and domestic monitoring
• Weather stations
• Domestic garden controllers (Toro, Hunter)
• Variable speed drives
• Filter control

We only partner with quality suppliers to ensure efficiency and control including Motorola, Toro, Netafim, Goldtec Dream, WISA, MAIT, Siemens, and Allan Bradley.

Energy Conservation

RWE can help identify where you can make significant on-farm energy usage savings by installing energy-efficient products and improving irrigation processes. A farm energy assessment can help you conserve energy through improved systems and infrastructure, using the latest products and technology.

Efficient irrigation equipment is essential to the viability of your agricultural business. Properly designed, installed and maintained irrigation systems can use a lot less energy.

Energy conservation can be maximised by a selection of:
• Pump type and size
• Power type eg. off-peak electricity, diesel fuel, VFD (Variable Feed Drive)
• Pipe sizing
• Type of dripline
• Automation
• Soil moisture monitoring

Environmental Conservation

Conservation of the Environment forms part of our Quality Control System and Project Installation Guidelines.

Project control includes:
• Project environmental assessment
• Stockpile and dewatering procedures
• Erosion and weed control
• Conservation of flora and fauna
• Cultural and heritage preservation
• Dust control
• Storage of chemicals and machinery
• Restitution of site